We strive to keep everyone happy by going the extra mile. Below is a collection of reviews and comments left by our clients. Please note that these reviews have been either emailed to us or sourced from third-party websites.

This was our first time renting a car abroad and we were more then satisfied. This company is a great choice with excellent service. At first we were hesitant to drive in a country we don't know but thanks to gps we arrived everywhere. we really loved the comfortable and economic car and driving around Mauritius. Thanks to Ola team.

— Katarina Krempova, Malta (Reviewed on May 06, 2016 via google-places-google)

We had a great experience with OLA. Salim was very helpful before arriving in Mauritius answering my questions regarding international driver's license via email. Additionally I requested an automatic transmission because I am not used to driving on the left side of the road and they made sure to provide that for me. We were greeted at the airport with ease and were behind the wheel of our car soon after. The car was clean and reliable and the GPS was up-to-date and trustworthy, we drove all over the island. Drop off at the airport was a breeze all the OLA employees are very professional. We had a slight confusion regarding my rental payment a few weeks after returning home, but we were able to easily and quickly sort it out with Salim in a matter of hours via email. We definitely recommend OLA car rental for anyone visiting the paradise island of Mauritius.

— Gabriel Morocoima, Houston-USA (Reviewed on May 06, 2016 via google-places-google)

We rented a car for 3 days. the booking was uncomplicated and delivered to the hotel by Afez. the service was very friendly and on point.

— Sven Uhlig, Germny (Reviewed on May 06, 2016 via )

Highly competitive rates and very good service in Mauritius, Salim and his team was really helpful and car was delivered on time and picked up on time and I was very impressed with the condition of the car, no issues at all, Highly recommended.

— Fahad Akhtar, Melbourne- Australia (Reviewed on Jan 23, 2015 via google-places-google)

Words cannot describe the efficiency and versatility of OLA Mauritius Car Rental. Our experience was seamless and effortless and we would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you Ola! Warmest Regards Cohen Family

— Cohen, South Africa (Reviewed on Jan 22, 2015 via google-places-google)

I have used OLA Mauritius more than once. They are very competitive in their offered rates and show superb customer care. Their cars are well maintained and for the price category way better than the big international corporations. All handovers I had with them went smooth as silk. Both cars I used were direct Japanese imports, which itself is fine but it meant that the stereo was either set to the lower Japanese FM bandwidth (you can get only max 2 stations then on Mauritius) or the whole screen was in Japanese . In total, I can only recommend OLA Mauritius car rental though. I would always use them as my first choice when coming to the island.

— Marcus, Germany (Reviewed on Jan 22, 2015 via google-places-google)

I booked the OLA online and the cab reached me the next day right on time. The car was well cleaned and exactly the way i expected it to be. The rates were the cheapest among all the other players in Mauritius. i highly recommend OLA cars for your car rental bookings.

— Harsh Joshi, India (Reviewed on Jan 22, 2015 via google-places-google)

I found Salim and his team very flexible, courteous and helpful. I was impressed by the level of service and will without hesitation recommend their services in Mauritius. I had initially organised a car hire through another company; but something went wrong 2 days before my arrival on the island. Salim sorted everything out for me despite the peak period. The car was cleaned and delivered on time at the agreed location! Will rent from OLA again at my next visit. Thanks again for everything Salim & Team! Nicolas

— Nicolas Castagnette, Australia (Reviewed on Jan 22, 2015 via google-places-google)

When I arrived in Mauritius on January 5th, 2015 from Canada it took about 15 minutes to locate the employee for the turnover process. When the turnover process was complete I realized I had been given a standard transmission car which I am not able to drive. I did call OLA Mauritius to clarify and was told this was the car I had ordered. I had to take a cab from the airport to the hotel however an agreement was made that they would drop off another car (automatic transmission) to my hotel the next day. Throughout the process the staff very friendly and polite. The morning of the 6th , the automatic transmission car did arrive as promised and Salim himself came to show me my reservation which showed that I had ordered a manual transmission car. When the initial car order was made and the down payment paid I was sent an email with the rental receipt which outlined all the pertinent information, for instance the pick up and drop off date and time and vehicle type. This receipt did not show the transmission type. Had it been shown I would have realized the error and made the necessary changes prior to my arrival in Mauritius. That aside I had no issues with the car throughout my trip and the return process was efficient. I would recommend this company to others and use them again for my car rental needs if I visit Mauritius but I would recommend the receipt form be updated to show the transmission type. As I understand it,it is more common to drive standard in Mauritius however in Canada automatic is the more common.

— Jennylyn, Canada (Reviewed on Jan 22, 2015 via google-places-google)

Best rental car experience yet. I've rented a car in Bari, Italy and Belfast, N. Ireland before both from big companies. OLA Mauritius were amazing. Really friendly, helpful and flexible. We wanted to rent the car for one more day and one call to Salim and it was sorted in 2 minutes. I'd forgotten to pay up the balance before arriving (their reminder email went into my spam folder!) but they were really happy to take payment at the end. In rupees, euros even pounds. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

— Samuel Wong, Liverpool-United Kingdom (Reviewed on Nov 21, 2014 via google-places-google)

The OLA Car Rental is really a sensationally corporation! Even when there is a problem, the guys from OLA will solve it. Thanks a lot to Mr. Salim for his great support! Want to rent a car in Mauritius? Do it with OLA ! Regards Barbara&Alex Germany

— Alexander Ruppert, Germany (Reviewed on Nov 21, 2014 via google-places-google)

Not going to make this a long review! you walk out the airport at arrivals and the car is there! you drive to departures get out your car the guy is there to collect. what more do I have to say re the service! so easy at reasonable prices. I was thinking to buy a vehicle in Mauritius for my holiday apartment but at these rates cheaper to rent!

— Mark Teichmann, J'Burg-South Africa (Reviewed on Nov 21, 2014 via google-places-google)

Very good! When we arrived in Mauritius the guy was waiting for us. He was very helpful and friendly. The car was in good condition and we had no problems at all! Friendly service and cheap price!!!When we will travel to Mauritius next time, we will definitely choose OLA again. We highly recommend the OLA Car Rental Service. Thanks Salim, thanks OLA! Zoltan and Adrienn

— Zoltán Lőrinczi, London-UK (Reviewed on Jun 23, 2014 via google-places-google)

Fast and efficient with a great website. Salim greeted us when we came out of the terminal and showed us the car. He checked the papers; we paid for the car and were on our way in about 10 minutes. The car was relatively new and clean and served us well during our stay. The only thing we can complain about is that the radio screen was in Japanese (which we could not change). But with some playing around we figured out the basics. Driving in Mauritius takes some getting used to. Streets have no names and GPS only works well on the main roads. Luckily we had bought a map before so we at least had a way to know where we were. We rented the car for 11 days and OLA picked up our car from the hotel we were staying (free of charge). We left the key at the reception and that was that. All in all we were very happy with the services rendered and we would definitely recommend OLA Mauritius Car Rental to anyone who rents a car in Mauritius. They're not only a lot cheaper than the big brands but also have excellent service!

— Flurin Egger, Netherlands (Reviewed on Jun 20, 2014 via google-places-google)

Great service, Can't fault them really. The GPS took us all around the island, and driving wasn't too bad as they drive on the same side of the road as in the UK. The guy who dealt with us, Salim, was very accommodating and friendly. The car was as expected, per our request, but the small engine meant it struggled up a few of the hills! Car was clean and presentable. One thing to note is, driving in Mauritius should be approached with caution for nervous drivers and anyone who hasn't driven outside of Europe. Roads are very dark at night and people and dogs tend to walk on the roads. So makes then even narrower!  

— Aamer Chaudhry, UK (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

Renting a car from OLA Mauritius was a very pleasant experience. Instant, friendly service and really affordable rates! I really enjoyed using this rental company!

— Stephanie Penkler, South Africa (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

Ola Mauritius is a very trustful and I will suggest it to all. I had an emergency and needed a car for hire for 1 day..Where everyone refused me Ola Mauritius gave me a car to rent for a day and at affordable prices. Once I landed from Dubai to Mauritius someone was already waiting for me to escort me to my car and to my surprised it was a brand new car. I will recommend Ola Mauritius to each and all for their trust and for being very friendly. Doing a great job.Thumbs up!!!

— Chandradass Thimmadu, Dubai (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

Convenient and well priced car hire! Highly recommended. These guys don't have an office at the airport, you tell them your flight number and they rock up with the car when your flight arrives in Mauritius. Dropping off is just as easy, you just drive up to the departure gates and they meet you there. They even sort out the satnav for you before you drive off!

— Anthony Morrison, London-UK (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

This is a small company, but they provide excellent service. They were on time meeting us at the airport and were very friendly, courteous and quick in getting us on our way in the car. The car itself was reliable and well maintained, no issues there. The GPS was very useful in getting us around the island, and they even highlighted our hotels for us before we left so we knew exactly where we had to go. They were right on time meeting us at the airport when we dropped the car off as well and were very professional and friendly. I shopped all around online and these guys were definitely the best price too! We recently arranged another rental with them for our honeymoon and they have been very responsive and professional again, they even remembered us and sent a personal email when we made the reservation! There are a lot of rental companies to choose from in Mauritius, but I highly recommend OLA.

— Brian P, USA (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

Amazing personalized service. I live in Cape Town, South Africa & Salim called me on my cell phone to answer my email sent to him. He said: "Don't worry", & he was so right. Got the car delivered in spotless condition a half hour early and collected later than agreed to ensure that I got the most out of my rental. The car was mechanically 100% with a free GPS thrown in. Nowhere could I find a cheaper deal. This was a wonderful experience - Thank you Salim and your driver for EXCELLENT service! I will not look anywhere else to rent a car when I return to Mauritius again. Well done!! :)

— MadRookieSBL, South Africa (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

When booking a car for my holiday I was after a car with automatic transmission for competitive rent price. There was a choice between global chains and local companies. Locals normally did not have automatic cars while global chains offers were terribly overpriced. Finally I chose OLA Mauritius offering automatic cars for very attractive price. And did not regret it. During my holiday they were really friendly and on time to deliver and collect the car and the car itself was really fresh and in great condition. I am really pleased with my experience with those guys and can recommend them to anyone.

— Oleg L, UK (Reviewed on May 03, 2014 via google-places-google)

Excellent. Good clean car. Sat nav extremely useful.

— Neil Brookshaw, Sussex-UK (Reviewed on May 19, 2014 via google-places-google)

It was a pleasure driving around Mauritius. And this was possible because of Ola Mauritius. Salim was waiting for us at the airport with a brand new car and guided us to the hotel. He had saved the hotel in destinations and also had a map for us (just in case). The entire hiring experience was fantastic.

— Vishwas Susikar, Bangalore-India (Reviewed on May 20, 2014 via google-places-google)

Great service:) - our car was brand new and squeaky clean - the hiring procedure was very fast and easy - in the end we simply left the keys at the reception and everything was taken care of - OLA has the best rates in Mauritius - everything can be pre booked online - you do not waste your time searching for a cheap car during your stay .Whenever you need to rent a car in Mauritius, go for OLA, they are the best:)

— Iveta Mlejnská, Czech Republic (Reviewed on Jun 17, 2014 via google-places-google)

Simple / Precise / Fast = Excellent . Car was in good condition - OLA Mauritius Car Rental was waiting for us ahead - all paper was prepared - to take the car it took no more than 5 mins. Thank you again. Attila.

— Attila Hari, Hungary (Reviewed on Mar 31, 2014 via google-places-google)

Fantastic rental experience! Salim at OLA Mauritius Car Rental was fantastic. We got a great, fuel-efficient and clean car for an excellent rate. And the customer service was outstanding. Having our own transportation while in Mauritius was definitely a great decision. And OLA made it so easy and enjoyable. Thanks!

— Todd Seely, US-Trustpilot (Reviewed on Mar 12, 2014 via )

Really helpful, really friendly, great service.

I chose OLA Mauritius, because of, well as naive as it may sound, their website was friendly. Their prices were fair in comparison to other companies and their use of PayPal was appreciated. I booked the car for the time my flight was due to land and Salim, their sales executive was waiting for me at SSR. I had a quick chat, turns out we both support the same football team which was another bonus. I inspected my car and drove away in a matter of minutes. Car was spotless and they provided half a tank of petrol. I dropped my car off 13 days later and all was well. I'm looking forward to booking my next rental with them.

— Francis Artusa, Liverpool-Trustpilot (Reviewed on Feb 08, 2014 via )

The service provided by OLA Mauritius Car Hire was simply perfect. Instead of renting from big international companies this time I decided to go for this local Mauritian company and I have absolutely no complaints. Reservation, payment, the car, pick up & drop off – all without problems. Thanks a lot, Salim, for your service!

— Prokop Vantuch, Ostrava : Czech Republic (Reviewed on Jan 07, 2014 via google-places-google)

I can also recommend OLA Mauritius. Just got back from Mauritius and Salim's service was excellent. He delivered the car in the evening before our actual rental as he wasn't 100% sure he'd make it on time the next day. The car was pretty much brand new (500km) and clean. Payment was easy and without a fuzz. We asked him to take back the car in the evening as we'd be swimming with dolphins during pick up time and in the end just left the car key at reception. We received a follow up message that everything was alright and that was it. Easy peasy. I should also mention that it was the best offer for our stay and I checked quite a few rental companies beforehand. Unsurprisingly renting through our hotel would have cost nearly three times per day of what we paid. Car was delivered and picked up from Le Morne without any additional costs.

— Firsa : Trip Advisor, Austria (Reviewed on Dec 23, 2013 via )

I have just returned from Mauritius and would thoroughly recommend OLA Mauritius (Phone: 230 6271929 Mobile: 230 57900575 http://www.olamauritius.com). Salim Hossenbocus, Sales Manager for OLA is a great person to deal with. I emailed several rental companies and he replied first and was consistently helpful and responsive throughout our rental. The car was brand new and spotlessly clean and everything worked. We agreed a delivery time at an hotel and Salim was there precisely on time. Similarly for collection at another hotel, even when I changed the time at short notice. The rental rate compared to several other local companies was excellent and a GPS was provided for free (useful for navigating Mauritius' poorly signed roads). If you want a company that gives excellent personal service, provides good cars, is reliable, and offers good prices, I would unhesitatingly recommend OLA!    

— Chris: Trip Advisor, London (Reviewed on Dec 23, 2013 via )

I can't even describe how great my experience with OLA car rental was. Salim was at the airport to meet my wife and I with the car, getting us on with our vacation right away. And when I made a scheduling mishap, Salim offered to let me use his car for the day so that we wouldn't be stuck without one! Truly superior service, something that was unexpected but incredibly welcomed. I would recommend OLA to anyone traveling in Mauritius without hesitation.

— Adam Hoolhorst, USA (Reviewed on Nov 21, 2013 via google-places-google)

I rented a car online for 1 week. Once I arrived in Mauritius, Salim was already there waiting for me. He is very professional, friendly and helpful at the same time. The car was in perfect conditions and I had no problems.  Even when I had to return the car Salim was very punctual.  On top of that the price was very competitive.  I have no complaints and I definitely recommend OLA Mauritius Car Rental

— Piero Del Boca, United Kingdom: Trustpilot (Reviewed on Oct 09, 2013 via others)

Friendly service with good punctuality, the agent is right on time to pick us up and wait for us upon return the car. The car is in good condition as well to bring a lot of convenience for our first trip to Mauritus. Excellent  & friendly service!

— Vivi Liu, Hong Kong-Trustpilot (Reviewed on Sep 25, 2013 via others)

Thanks again for your kindly service provided at airport, making a convenience to us to travel Mauritius for our 1st visit.

— Kelvin Lam, Hong Kong (Reviewed on Sep 25, 2013 via direct)

Excellent Service-OLA offered a great service while I was in Mauritius. Even when my flight was cancelled it was no problem to extend my rental and return on very short notice. No hesitation in booking again!

— Laura Toulman, Hong Kong-Trustpilot (Reviewed on Sep 25, 2013 via others)

I rented an automatic car from OLA Mauritius via web and I am very satisfied with their service. The vehicle of my choice was delivered to my hotel at the desired time, the vehicle was in very good condition with a complimentary GPS.Their staff was very friendly and helpful. My whole rental experience with OLA Mauritius was excellent. Compared to other rental companies in Mauritius they really have good rates and offer value for money both in terms of service and vehicle.

— Aditya Singh, New Delhi-India(Review Centre) (Reviewed on Aug 30, 2013 via others)

Excellent and Personal customer care. Will be back!

— Sangram Kirloskar, Pune India (Reviewed on Aug 22, 2013 via direct)

Salim is a great guy! His service should not be questioned at all. Although OLA is a private run company, i personally feel it is so much better than big rental companies. Pricing is really reasonable too as compared to the rest. I would never hesitate to go through OLA again in my next visit to Mauritius. Highly recommended!!!!

— Albert Suryaatmadja, Indonesia (Reviewed on Aug 21, 2013 via direct)

I found your website very easy to navigate and professional compared to all the other rental companies in mauritius. Also the whole booking process was very efficient. I had no problems with our car and your prices were very good, almost half of everyone else I had called! Will definately use your company again and recommend to my friends who travel to mauritius regularly.

— Sharmeen Habib, London (Reviewed on Aug 21, 2013 via direct)

Rented a car with OLA Mauritius Car Rental (SSR Airport) last month and can only recommend this agency for its service and professionalism. Quality service with free extras…5 star service!

— Naziana Tegaully, London-UK (Reviewed on Aug 11, 2013 via google-places-google)

I've rent a car from OLA, and all i can say is that its an experience to be renewed did not face any problem and the service is excellent. The company has a wide variety of car and it also offers a service with a high standard. I recommend OLA to everybody

— Fabrice, Mauritius (Reviewed on Jul 31, 2013 via google-places-google)

I would so recomend OLA car hire to anyone . 10/10 .. sit back and enjoy your holiday!

— Arshaad Unique, London-UK (Reviewed on Jul 30, 2013 via facebook)

The best and most stress free experience to hire a car - friendly and helpful service - will always make use of OLA service when in Mauritius...Thank you

— Rian Foster, Johannesburg-South Africa (Reviewed on Jul 30, 2013 via facebook)

I've got a few mates from UK went to Mauritius Island and they were very pleased with OLA service...and it was Stress-less

— Chetty, London-UK (Reviewed on Jul 30, 2013 via facebook)

Car rental very serious, with interesting services such as the airport transfer, attractive prices, etc. I'm very satisfied! Thank you so much for your kindness OLA Mauritius!

— Quy Than Le, Gagny-France (Reviewed on Jul 21, 2013 via google-places-google)

Highly recommended !!! had the best service when we rented a car during our vacation in Mauritius. The owner makes it stress free for you. Great company.

— Sajeeda Allybocus, Toronto Canada (Reviewed on Jul 13, 2013 via facebook)

More than satisfied with the service, price, the kindness and quality of cars of course! Cannot help to suggest this professional Car Rental when in need to visit beautiful Mauritius by car. Also, the proximity to the airport is a plus! We'll be back soon dear Salim.

— Simon Loda, Milan- Italy (Reviewed on Jun 16, 2013 via google-places-google)

My wife and I used OLA Mauritius car hire for our first holiday in Mauritius. When we returned the following year we had no hesitation in contacting Salim again. The cars are well maintained and in good condition. And above, all the price is very competitive. The best thing though is the  friendly & relaxed manner in which they go about their car rental business, also an attestation to Mauritians in general. Andrew WATTS

— M. R Watts, Strasbourg-France (Reviewed on Jun 14, 2013 via google-places-google)

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