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OLA Mauritius Car Rental is a reputable local car hire agency offering competitive deals together with a superlative service and with great customer experience. At OLA Mauritius we constantly work hard to provide the most recent car models and categories but also tailor made and personalized service to bring satisfaction to our highly esteemed customers. We only strive for perfection and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We aim at developing a continuously innovative high quality service and of our devoted commitment to remain the premier car rental agency in Mauritius.  We further undertake to go the extra mile and to be simply beyond.

The mission of OLA Mauritius is to fulfill the dream of discovering Mauritius through the experience of car hiring by providing a superlative service through dedication,savoir faire,professionalism and quality service. We move further bringing delight to our customers with our unique hospitable and caring approach.

Our Values

  • Customer Service ExcellenceWe are committed to fulfilling customer needs and honouring our promise we made to them.
  • Passion to ServiceWe serve with enthusiasm and dedication in everything we entertain.
  • InnovationWe always strive to innovate in everything from product to processes.
  • Integrity and ProfessionalismWe operate with honesty and maintain a very high level of ethical standard.


Quality Culture

More than just a concept the quest for quality is something ingrained in our car rental agency establishment.  Total quality management is embedded in the team’s culture and routine.  At OLA Car Hire we are more concern to find ways for the need for systems that will perpetuate this quality culture.  We have inspired ourselves by ISO standards, an international management system which defines the requirements of good management practices.  With a view to promote a culture of ongoing improvement and moving beyond we established an Excellence Award for our employees to maximize productivity.  With this very strict approach we guarantee quality assurance and pride ourselves to be the only car rental agency in Mauritius espousing such approach.

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