October 28, 2017

What are the best periods to visit Mauritius?

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Travelling to Mauritius for holidays requires an important budget no matter how you’re travelling (alone, with your other half, your friends or your family). These tips will help you get set for your holiday and choose the best period if you want to enjoy Mauritius as much as possible.

Visiting Mauritius when you’re a sun-and-beach lover


People who love farniente, sun and beach should not worry. Mauritius offers a nice climate all year long, despite the increased humidity during the rainy season that starts in January and ends in March. As for the temperature, it varies between 26 and 35 degrees from October to March and between 20 and 28 degrees from April to September.

Enjoying Mauritius on a budget

Planning holidays in Mauritius requires an important budget for the air fares. During the high season (school holidays, July, August and the festive season), tickets cost approximately $1,400 if you are traveling from Europe or North America. The air fare also depends on the airline. During the low season, it starts from approximately $940.

You can save on many more elements by travelling during the low season. As a matter of fact, the entry tickets can be less expensive for some tourist attractions such as museums, botanical gardens or the Chamarel seven couloured earths, for example. Finally, you can save on accommodation, be it a hotel or a guest house.

Other advantages of the low season

The low season also allows lonely travelers, couples and groups to appreciate a quiet journey in their hotel or guest room. As there is no school holiday, tourist accommodations are rarely visited by families with kids during the low season.

Finally, during the low season, Mauritian tourist attractions are not as crowded as they are during the high season. You will thus be able to take full advantage of the destination!

Annual events that are not to be missed!

You can also base on the annual events or celebrations to select the dates of you trip to Mauritius. Did you know Mauritius welcomes many international and regional events all year long? Trails, bike tours, fishing competitions, culinary and kitesurf festivals, amongst others, welcome many important guests and attract many tourists from all over the world every year.

As for the religious and cultural events, Hindu, Chinese and Tamil celebrations tend to catch people’s attention with their wonderful flavors and colors. These festivities are not celebrated on the same date every year. These can be checked on the official tourism website of Mauritius.

To sum-up, there is not only one best period to visit Mauritius. It depends on the kind of tourism you want to experience (adventure, discovery, sports, etc.). Do not hesitate to collect more information about the weather conditions, the celebrations or the most interesting rates to make the best out of your Mauritian trip!

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