August 18, 2017

How to save on car rental in Mauritius?

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Car rental in Mauritius can represent a significant budget. However, you can make plans in order to save some money.

The importance of being organized

Before you start looking for a car, maybe you should consider a few factors. Whatever you need, you will certainly get satisfaction on the Mauritian market. Thus, remember to set up your needs before committing to a car rental agency. This list will help you get a clearer idea of what your needs are:

  • How soon will you need a car?
  • How long do you want to rent a vehicle?
  • What are your needs in terms of capacity (seats, car seat, wide car boot, 4×4, etc.)?
  • Would you rather drive a manual or an automatic car? Petrol/diesel/hybrid?
  • What is your maximum budget?

Each of these questions is important


Each of these questions will allow you to be more organized. Plus, they may help you save some money.

In fact, the sooner you define your needs and your timeline, the more you will have time to prospect in order to find the ideal car agency and the ideal car according to your requirements. Moreover, it is important that you remember the car rental market is much in demand all year long, especially during holidays and the Christmas and New Year period. Anyway a few car rental agencies will let you book a car one year in advance. OLA Mauritius offers this service as well.

If you are travelling alone or with your partner and if you have approximately two suitcases, maybe you can opt for an urban, eco-friendly car. If you are on spending your holidays in Mauritius with your kids, you may need a larger car boot and car seats. These accessories are generally offered at extra cost by car rental agencies in Mauritius. In a nutshell, defining your requirements well in advance could help you plan your budget ahead.

Where to pick and return the car you have been renting?

If you are renting a car for a trip in Mauritius, it may be easier for you to pick it up at the airport and to return in at the same place. This method is common and time-saving, besides it avoids additional costs for a taxi or the car pick up at your hotel, for example.

Car rental in Mauritius: how about insurance?

Preserving your budget also lies on choosing a good insurance. In case of a damage or an accident, you may prevent any additional expense thanks to such an add-on.

Now you know every little tip to save as much money as possible and avoid spending too much on car rental in Mauritius. Do not forget to make a checklist so that your project materializes in the best possible way.

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